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Spread Bet Roulette

Payout potential of x400 your bet amount.


Game Play Features


Side bets

Additional roulette wheel, behind the dealer

Special bets


Players select one of the chips from the stack in the right corner. and then click on the relevant betting area on the animated table.


The spread bets are laid out vertically and settled according to the following payout table:


0-1: x400, 2-11: x15, 12-18: x10, 19-33: x2, 34-54: x1, 55-67: x7, 68-72: x80


The winning number on the larger wheel is the sum of two connecting numbers from the inner and the outer circle on the wheel (which spin in opposite directions).


Spread bets can be doubled if the ball on the main wheel lands on zero!


Golden chip bonus


Collect; or wager immediately.