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Spin A Win

There are many ways to bet in Spin a Win and each bet or combination of bets offers its own potential pay out. Once your main bet is confirmed, you can place Odd, Even and Multiplier side bets.

• You win the Odd Side Bet if the result of the round is: 1 or 5.

• You win the Even Side Bet if the result of the round is: 2, 10, 20 or 40.

• You win the Multiplier Side Bet if the result of round is: Multiplier x2 or Multiplier x7 (this will be paid out at the end of the round, once the final result is clear.

• If the result is Multiplier your Odd and Even Side Bets lose.

You can also use the two multipliers positions (2x and 7x) to place your bets! The dealer will spin the wheel again during the same round, should the wheel land on a multiplier. If the wheel continues to land on a multiplier a few times in quick succession, you will win big! Bright and attractive visuals make Spin a Win hard to top!