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Sicbo Deluxe

Throw not one but three dice and see what the potential prize is! Throw in some multipliers too – just for good measure!


When the betting time is over, up to up to six multipliers are assigned to random bet positions. Exceptions are one-die Numbered bet, Small and Big bets which are never enhanced.


Theres plenty of bet types:

  • Small Bet wins if the total sum of the three dice is between 4 and 10
  • Big Bet wins if the total is between 11 and 17
  • Neither Small Bet nor Big Bet win if the three dice are of the same number (Three of a Kind)
  • Respective bet positions are marked as Small and Big.
  • Number Bet - Player bets that a specific number (1-6) appears on as many dice (max 3) as possible
  • Respective bet positions are marked as One, Two, Three, etc.


Other bet types include Pair Bet, Double Bet, Triple Bet, Any Triple, and Total Bet.