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Hi Lo

The game is played with six card decks, which are stored in a shuffling machine, to ensure draws are random. When you can see a base card lit up in front of the dealer in the middle of your table, the game will begin. You then have three options to choose from:

• Higher

• Snap

• Lower

Depending how confident you are in your prediction, the more you can bet! Bet Limits The Bet Limits are as follows:

• Ace = x11.56 

• King & Ace = x5.78

• Black = x1.92

• Red = x1.92

• 2-5 = x2.89

• 6-9 = x2.89

• J-A = x2.89

• Higher – Sum depends on the current odds

• Snap = x12.06

• Lower = Sum depends on the current odds


However, if the base card is a two, the ‘lower’ position is disabled. Similarly, if the base card happens to be an Ace (which is always high in Hi-Lo) the ‘higher position’ becomes temporarily unavailable. You then choose how many bets you want to place and click on the appropriate betting positions to place your bets. You will be able to see your total bet in the ‘bet’ field in your dashboard. The dealer will ‘burn’ the next three cards and turn over the fourth face-up. It is this card which needs to match your prediction. Although your winnings do go into your stake automatically, you can choose to decrease your stake by using the ‘Collect All’ or ‘Collect Some’ buttons. This means you can control if the money you have won is used in the next round, or is transferred to your account. Regardless of you winning or losing, the result card will become the base card for the next round, whilst the ‘burnt’ cards go back into the shuffling machine. Enjoy Hi Lo at OddsKing.