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Casino Hold'em

In Casino Hold'em, played with a 52-card deck, you can win on your Ante bet and optional AA Bonus side bet.

If there is a game in progress when you enter the casino, simply wait till it has concluded.

One the game has finished, click on the chip you wish to bet and click on the Ante section of the game table to place your bet.

An AA side bet is placed when you move your cursor over to the AA betting position and click. One click equals one chip and so on. If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can remove a chip by shift-clicking on the bet area or click ‘clear’ to remove all bets.

You’ll be dealt two cards, with the dealer also dealing themselves two cards, although theirs are dealt face down.

Both of you will try to use these cards alongside the five-card flop, to try to form the best possible hand!

It’s up to you whether to call or fold! What will you do?