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Super Bar-X Game Changer

Super Graphics meets Game Changer!

Super Graphics Game Changer brings Satsuki and her friends back, this time playing Suikawari on the beach!

There's an extra row of symbols in this game and 40 win lines!

Just like the other Game Changers, create a game board around the outside of the reel window and you'll get to play on it.

Roll the dice to move around collecting Free Spins whilst also trying to advance your Wild Type.

There are 5 available with each one being more generous on average than the last - once you land on Play Time, enjoy your Free Spins using the Wild Type you lit up!

A 100,000x maximum payout make this one game to look out for!

Game Changer Bonus Round

The game consists of boxed symbols and non-boxed symbols (10, J, Q, K and A).

The Bonus Round is awarded when a ‘Game Board’ is created by any combination of boxed symbols. Any reel wins are counted up first and are added to the Total Win at the start of the Free Spins.

The logo is replaced with a display containing 5 Wild Types.

The non-boxed symbols in the centre are replaced with a Free Spin counter, which starts at 3 Free Spins and 4 Wild symbols. The first Wild symbol is lit here, also.

Play always starts on the bottom left square, and the first 5 rolls are safe. This will be shown by having an X over all bad positions and the number 5 which counts down as each roll is taken. If you

land on a square covered with an X nothing happens and you roll for your next move.

Good Squares

Super Trail - lands on a random number of character positions or Wild positions (minimum 2) and then returns to itself at the end.

Super Win - awards all character positions and Wild positions on the game board.

Super Stop – you stop the flashing light to land on a random character position, Wild position, Super Trail or Super Win.

Bad Squares

Play Time - if you land on Play Time, the board game feature ends. You then play the Free Spins you have accumulated with the Wild Type you managed to light.

Free Spins - free Spins are played automatically once you press Start. Only the Wild Type lit in the board game is used during the Free Spins. Each one uses its own set of reels consisting of only Melons, Grapes, Plums, Lemons, Oranges and Wilds.