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Scratch 4 Diamonds

Try your hand at Scratch 4 Diamonds – the latest Scratch Card from Core Gaming!

This is a Scratch Card like no other though – you get 4 chances to win!

All you need to do is wipe away the foil on each of the 4 scratch panels to have a chance of winning one of the prize values!

There’s up to £250,000 to be won and the best part is that there’s a chance you could be awarded a prize multiplier on winning cards!

Diamonds are forever!

How to Play

Set your stake and select the ‘Buy Card’ button to get the game started.

Once the ‘Buy Card’ button has been selected there is a short reveal animation displayed before the scratch card interface changes to the ‘in play’ layout where the ‘Other Cards’ button is deactivated and the ‘Buy Card’ button becomes the ‘Reveal’ button.

  • 4 scratch panels per card each with set win values
  • Fixed top prize value
  • Pre-determined chance of being awarded a prize value multiplier on winning cards
  • Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately
  • You will lose your stake amount if you lose the game.