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Queen Of The Crystal Rays

Step inside a magical world and explore a forgotten temple where big wins await and a mysterious Queen is ready to reward you in the richest ways!

Before you even get to spin the reels of this amazing online slot, you’ll be immersed in a world filled with glittering, vibrant coloured neon lights, crystal shards, stained glass, gleaming gold, and a golden haired goddess!

Bonuses fit for Royalty!

During the Crystal Ray Feature, the Queen appears to unleash her mystical power - and double the size of the reels and the number of paylines! Watch in amazement as the rays activate, dynamically changing their path as they bounce off of crystal reflectors spinning by. When the reels stop, wilds are populated along the glowing paths - and possibly 2X multipliers as well!

The Queen Of The Crystal Rays Bonus welcomes you into a world of possibilities - and multipliers!

The expanded game board is populated with cash prizes and crystal reflectors. Each round offers higher multiplier crystals than the last. Watch as the crystal rays blast credit values, adding them to your bonus win!