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Pets Go Wild

Pets Go Wild

We all love a holiday, so why not follow Dexter and co. on theirs!

Hook up with Dexter the dog & his friends to wild adventures, with real cash prizes!

Help them progress in the game and unlock new chapters and exciting bonus missions: Hiding in the haunted house, moon jumping, shooting out of a loony cannon and more!

The game has 8 chapters with 7 unique and thrilling bonus features! Collect XP to unlock each level.

  • Chapter 1 – Beach Day: plain grid with no bonus features.
  • Chapter 2 – Film Festival: popcorn prizes and instant win bonuses.
  • Chapter 3 – Pets’ Circus: shoot a pet out of a circus cannon and for every 100 feet of altitude they reach than a multiplier increases by one.
  • Chapter 4 – Rock n’ Roll: 5 Free Spins with 2X, 3X, and 5X multipliers appearing over the tiles.
  • Chapter 5 -Haunted House: pick-me style game where you choose one of two doors to win a prize or end the feature.
  • Chapter 6 – Moon Adventure: played on a 5x5 bonus board with each win advancing Robin the Rabbit one milestone. Milestones offer multiplier prizes with each milestone increasing the multiplier value.
  • Chapter 7 – Pets’ Museum: pick-me bonus game where you choose from 10 art pieces. Each piece holds a certain prize with 2 art pieces containing a multiplier prize.
  • Chapter 8 – Safari Blast: one single Free Game with a 10X Multiplier awarded at the end of the round.