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Play Jungle Books Slot at OddsKing

You might not be the king of the swingers, or indeed the jungle VIP, but you could reach the top in Jungle Books slot if you are lucky enough to land the right combinations. The Swedish firm Yggdrasil Gaming certainly love games with a storyline and they have created a complex one in the form of Jungle Books video slot. There is nothing worse than going into one of these games without a clue what you are being asked to do, so hopefully, our Jungle Books slot review should shed some light on its intricacies.

Jungle Books Video Slot - In-Game Features

  • Five reels
  • 58/68 pay-lines:
  • Jungle Books RTP: 96.10%
  • Bonus Features: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Yggdrasil Gaming

Jungle Books Video Slot - Bonus Features

Jungle Books online slot really comes to life when you are able to trigger one of the bonus features which uses ground-breaking technology to allow different combinations of bonuses to appear. The five characters used in these bonuses will all be familiar from the books as we have a Tiger, Boy, Snake, Bear and Panther roaming this vast slot landscape.

Each character controls a realm within the slot and depending on which realm you are in (shown by the character at the left of the reels) will depend upon which bonuses you can play with. For example, the Tiger will offer a respin if you land any winning combination, while also occasionally providing a central reel which is completely wild.

When you are in the realm of the Boy, wilds will spread across the reels, while some reels will be synced up, meaning that they generate the same symbols. The Panther’s world meanwhile can see wins boosted and multipliers appear in the reels.

Here is where it gets complicated though, as characters can be guests within other realms. So, for example, if the Boy wandered into the realm of the Tiger (not something we would recommend doing in real life!) he would take one of his features along with him, so you could play with stacked wilds, sticky respins and synced reels.

This all sounds terribly complicated and it is a little tricky to get your head around at first. Thankfully though, Yggdrasil has included handy pointers, so you know exactly which bonus features you will be able to play with.

How to Play Jungle Books Slot

While Jungle Books video slot is undoubtedly complex, it is a really fun game to play once you have got the basics all sorted. Each realm has a different height of reel and so has a different number of pay-lines, but you can adjust your bet level very easily. There is also an autoplay function if you so desire.

The characters are undoubtedly the stars of the game in this slot and, while they certainly help, they don’t actually give you a win. So, to lock in those prizes, you will need to land winning combinations of fruit that spin their way around the reels. A variety of jungle fruit make up the paying symbols, with the least valuable being the orange and pink fruits.

The Blue fruit pays the best of the standard symbols, if you are able to line them up across a reel, but keep an eye out for the Super High Pay symbol. Closely resembling three golden pears, this symbol could turn an ordinary win into a mega win and if you land a combination in the Panther realm, you will get an even bigger boost!