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Line up the lights for astonishing rewards. Try Moirai Blaze at OddsKing.

Moirai Blaze Slot - Tumbling Payouts at OddsKing!

Will the lights merge for glowing rewards?

Unlike other casino slot games, Moirai Blaze functions on a 7x7 ‘grid’, as opposed to a standard slot reels setup. Symbols are replaced by a range of coloured lights, which drop into the grid from above.

Payouts occur on Moirai Blaze when five or more lights of the same colour – known as a cluster – are connected in sets of five or more. When this occurs, a payout is triggered and new gems will drop into the spaces that the vanished ones have vacated.

There are three bonus payouts achievable, and all the related symbols enter the game when runs of clusters are achieved:

Bonus Payouts

25 tumbles drops an Explorer symbol into play, which will immediately make a surrounding section tumble – or, on occasion, drop all lights of a certain colour out of the grid.

50 tumbles brings the Replacer symbol into play. Like the Explorer, this has an immediate and positive impact. The Replacer will either tumble a full diagonal line of the grid, or alternatively, turn all lights of one colour into a different colour.

75 tumbles is where things really start to sparkle, with the Free Spins mode activated. Vishnu accompanies the free rotations, dropping Ganesha Powerball symbols into the grid. Each one added increases the bonus round multiplier by one.

With the other bonus features also active in the Free Spins round, who knows what wonders are in store?

Step into the Moirai Blaze at OddsKing.