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Crystal Rift

There is a minimum stake of 0.10p. Adjust your stake with left and right arrows. Press spin button to play or choose the ‘Autoplay’ mode if you wish to play your selected rounds automatically.

Land the correct win symbols and you could win up to 1000x your stake!

Bonus Falls

Any winning combination on the reels will trigger the bonus fall feature. Here’s how it works:

  • Achieved wins are paid out.
  • All symbols in the winning combination disappear.
  • The remaining symbols fall down to close the symbol gaps.
  • Now the bonus begins and new symbols fall down to complete the reels.

Bonus falls are repeated as long as there is any winning combination on the reels.

Combined With Powerful Wild Grids!

At the beginning of each initial fall, a wild grid is randomly chosen. An indicator represents the wild grid symbol positions.

Each fall resulting in a winning combination highlights a section of the indicators.

After 3 consecutive falls, the wild grid is triggered. Every symbol on the wild grid is replaced with a Wild Symbol for the following bonus fall.

The wild grid feature can be retriggered after 3 consecutive falls!

The stronger the grid, the higher the wins!