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All Bets Blackjack

If a game round is in progress when the player enters the table, they need to wait for the next one, and then, place the bets.

After the bets have been placed and confirmed, the dealer deals the cards: first card face up to the player, second card face up to the dealer, third card face up to the player. Dealer’s fourth card is dealt face down directly after players have received their first two, meaning this happens before players get to make any decision.

If the dealer shows an Ace in their initial hand, players get the option to Insure their hand against dealer’s Blackjack. If that is the case, dealer reveals their Blackjack directly after the insurance round and ends the game.

After the betting round, players can use Hit, Stand, Double and Split buttons, and if they do not make a move, the automatically Stand.

If every player at the table busts (scores higher than 21), the round is over. The dealer does not draw additional cards.

It’s possible to draw 10 cards without going bust – otherwise known as 10 Card Charlie. In this case, the player automatically wins, except when the dealer has Blackjack.